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'Connect the spots'

Here at Natterjack Alpacas, we pride ourselves on having one of the most genetically diverse and successful appaloosa breeding programmes in the country. 

Combining high quality genetics with our prolific appaloosa producing males, we are building a collection of some of the best, most beautifully marked appaloosas in the world.

So far our most influential stud male is Putjade Appaloosa Nirvana. We were fortunate enough to secure Nirvana from Sue Loach as a weanling male (having picked him out as a cria!) and to this day we are star-strucked to own him. It was a big gable buying in such a young male, but we knew based on Popham Connaught's ability as a spotty producer, combined with his dam's record of producing spots, we knew he was a 'safe bet'. Whilst we were fairly sure we would get some spotty cria, we are still in disbelief at the quality of his offspring, they are big, beautiful, with gorgeous fleeces and the most incredible markings. In 2023 alone he had a 100% hit rate, siring Arcade Fire, Mosaic of Dreams, Diamond of the Season and Snow Leopard. All of which are appaloosas with gorgeous markings. There are very few appaloosa males were you can give them 4 matings, and get 4 striking appaloosas! 

In 2022, we took another big gamble. We reserved 'Putjade Quantum of Solace', a beautifully marked boy sired by NZSummerhill Leopard Toros Rolex of AVF. Rolex has been on our radar for some time, but we knew as soon as we met Quantum that he was the perfect next layer for us. As you can see fro his fleece photo below, he is an incredibly special alpaca. Taking 1st place in every multi class he has attended to date (even against fancy alpacas, as well as other appaloosas), he has also been awarded Best Appaloosa twice (at all shows where this sash was awarded). We are incredibly excited for him to begin with working career in 2023. 

We rarely release animals from our programme, but if you are thinking of beginning your appaloosa alpaca journey, please do not hesitate to get in touch. It's always worth an ask!

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