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Book an Alpaca Trek or Alpaca Experience

Our alpaca treks and experiences are the perfect way to spend time with our alpacas. We offer activities for all ages, both for all ages, but also some 'adult only' activitiesl. This is because we don't expect little legs to have to walk at the same speed as adults! 


Our two activities are:


Alpaca Experiences (all ages!):

We also offer 60 minute alpaca experiences capped at 8 people per group. Whilst there is a larger group size, these sessions are always private. These experiences are where family, friends and all ages can attend. This involves a shorter walk, so we can cater to the exact needs of the children present on these activities. 

Alpaca Treks (over 16s only):

We offer 90 minute treks capped at 8 people per group. This walk takes places on our lovely private track in open countryside. 


Our alpacas are trained using strictly positive methods and have been hand-selected for their temperaments and natural desire to interact with people. It's taken us several years to reach this point, never viewing our alpacas as 'money making machines' as so many trekking centres do. The walking section of our business has never been rushed, and as a result, we are proud to offer an incredibly educational experience with the knowledge that we know our alpacas inside and out. We will never put a profit over our customer's experience, which for us means only ever running relatively small groups, never treks of up to dozens of people at once! 


To book onto one of our alpaca treks or alpaca experiences please visit our 'bookwhen' website by clicking the Book Now! button below. This is a booking service which takes online payments and offers a secure system which allows you to amend your booking up to 7 days before the activity with no waiting on us. 

Please take the time to read all the guidelines before booking.

Book An Alpaca Activity Now!: Our Farm

Price List

Public Alpaca Treks

£25 per person

Private Alpaca Treks

For Two £70
For Three £90
For Four £100
For Five £125
For Six £150

Alpaca Experience (always private!)

Base ticket of £52.50 which covers three participants 

Additional Adult £17.50 

Additional Child £12.50

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