Alpacas for Sale

Here at Natterjack Alpacas we pride ourselves on our fantastic pre and post sale services. For new owners we offer a comprehensive half day course with ourselves, where we will show you all the basic husbandry skills you will need to manage your animals to the highest standard. Similarly, if you are a current alpaca owner, we will ensure you are aware of every aspect of your new purchase from ease of toe nail clipping to their reaction to shearing. We spend a great deal of time halter training our young stock, as well as teaching them to be relaxed in a pen environment for ease of handling. All of our weanling males will have hours if not days spent on their training to make them the best possible version of themselves before going to their new home. They will be halter trained, easily moveable and used to being herded and caught in a pen, trained to follow a bucket as well as polite and kind to handle. All of our males receive the same basic training, whether they are being sold on or staying to be a part of our trekking and therapy alpaca team, making them the most fantastic pet alpacas.

All of our alpacas come with 24/7 support from ourselves, a forever home if things change, and a lifelong supportive friend who will be with you ever step of your alpaca journey. 

We are exceptionally stringent with our husbandry practice, the whole herd is worm counted once a month, and we take great care to ensure all animal moving on site are bTB free. All animals sold will be vet checked prior to sale to ensure they are in perfect condition to cope with the stress of moving as well as to be healthy and strong animals for their new owners. 

Whilst we list the majority of animals for sale, we do always do our best to accommodate every enquiry. So even if you don't see your exact requirement, please still get in touch. If we can't help we will likely be able to pass you onto another breeder who can. 

Below you will find our male alpacas for sale, for enquiries about our female alpacas please get in touch to discuss your exact requirements. 



Male Alpacas For Sale

Here are our stunning male alpacas for sale, with being home to around 80 alpacas there are many males that we would consider parting with to the right home. We have listed for sale at the moment both pet males as well as stud boys.


Natterjack Rochambeau

Price varies on number of weanling males being purcahsed

Rochambeau is currently on our ‘maybe’ list, his dam is one of our favourite females and his fleece is looking quite promising. He is a solid white and has the most gorgeous face and temperament. He is confident but never pushy, and adores posing for the camera. We could be persuaded to part with this special boy as our priority is always the home and their quality of life, and we would never risk turning away his ‘forever’ home.
Rochambeau will be available after weaning.
BAS registered


Natterjack Pippin

Price varies on number of weanling males being purcahsed

Pippin is our youngest male so far, and he is an absolute darling. Like Meilech he is a ‘super grower’ and will be a nice big strong boy. Boasting the most gorgeous solid fawn fleece he is going to look stunning after shearing. He is showing a sweet but confident temperament, and will thrive in a pet or trekking home.
Pippin will be available after weaning.
BAS registered


Natterjack Meilech

Price varies on number of weanling males being purchased

Meilech is one of our ‘middle of the season’ cria, but he could easily be the oldest. Sired by one of our sweetest mums she is ensuring this growing boy is never going hungry, and he is very very fast growing! He is going to be a very inquisitive boy, and he has buckets of character. He is going to make a fantastic addition to both pet and trekking homes alike.
Meilech will be available after weaning later this year.
BAS registered


Natterjack Jiu-Jitsu

Price varies on number of weanling males being purchased

JJ (Jiu-jitsu) is one of the sweetest cria of 2022 born so far. He is going to be a smaller male, as although he is sired by Blackberry Immortal, his mum is a more petite female and she has passed this onto this gorgeous chap. He has a very calm and relaxed temperament, he rarely joins in the naughtiness of the other cria, and prefers to spend his time with the adult females, learning about the important things in life (eating grass!). He will make a wonderful addition to both a trekking and pet home. 
JJ will be available after weaning later this year.
BAS registered


Natterjack Raj

Prices varies on number of weanling males being purchased

Raj is a gorgeous white male, but with little brown spots flecked throughout, including on his ear, eye corner and nose, making him easily distinguishable in the field. Raj is sired by one of our best trekking males and fibre producers, Hoguhton Bono Vox, and already has his presence and ‘look at me’ qualities. Raj will make a fantastic addition to both trekking and pet homes alike.
Raj will be available after weaning later this year.
BAS registered


Natterjack Henry

Price varies on number of weanling males being purchased

Henry, the oldest of our cria born in 2022. He is sired by our fantastic male Blackberry Immortal and will carry with that his amazing fibre producing capabilities as well as his stunning temperament. Henry will likely be a grand addition to any trekking team as well as a pet home, and we suspect he will look dark browns/lighter bay black after shearing.
Henry will be available after weaning later this year. 
BAS registered


Natterjack Jean-pierre


A lovely 3 year old intact boy with brilliant staple length and a lovely character. White but with brown spots throughout. He is a total pleasure to handle for husbandry jobs and has been used on our treks. His fleece is a fibre producers dream at 18.7 micron at 2 years old and 145mm staple length.

DOB: 6th August 2019

British Alpaca Society registered


Blue Rock Lancelot


A beautiful lavender park tulley son who is a proven stud male and ready to join his new herd. Lancelot is a striking brown male who is showing excellent longevity to his fineness, which was 20.5 micron (3.7 sd) on his 5th fleece. Lancelot is halter trained and a pleasure to use as a working male. The one progeny we have had on the ground to him clearly displays those same fantastic traits as Lancelot, coming in at 18.9 micron (3.7 sd). Lancelot is a fantastic male to improve on girls who are needing both colour introduced as well as fineness. We are really excited to see what he can produce, as he is being very much wasted with us.

DOB: 2nd June 2016

British Alpaca Society registered