*price includes first class p&p

Sizing (sizes vary slightly heart to heart)

Length: 7 to 8 cm

Height: 6 to 7 cm

Width: 3 to 4 cm

These handmade alpaca wool hearts are made from 100% alpaca wool straight from our boys. The alpacas have to be shorn for welfare reasons, meaning their fleece is a by-product of the work we do with them. The wool has been washed in our kitchen sink, dried in our shower room, hand carded on the sofa, spun at the dining table and knitted in the garden. There are 0 miles attached to these lovely little hearts and they are entirely handmade. This does also mean they aren’t perfect, with hand spun yarn there are often lumps and bumps which translate to the final product. However, this is what makes them so special, each one is entirely individual- however they are similar enough to make into pairs, triplets or even quadruplets! No factories involved. Each one is lovingly made and admired to be sure it looks just right for its new home.

These hearts come with a keyring attachment, but we can leave a wool ring attached ready for hanging on request.g. But they can easily be used as key rings as well.

At the moment, our black hearts are from one of our beautiful girls aria. More colours will be added in due time.

Alpaca Wool Hearts