The perfect gift for the alpaca lover, whether they have been on an alpaca walk or not. There are four beautiful alpacas to chose from, Prince, Nelson and two of our 2019 cria; Jean-Pierre and Reese! These packs are £17.50 each and include an adoption certificate, keyring, information sheet about ourselves and alpacas as well as quarterly updates and photos. These adoptions contribute towards our day to day care of the alpacas and allow us to continue offering animal therapy to those who need it most, as well as our rescue work. So it really is the gift that keep on giving. 

Adopt a Paca

  • Prince

    Prince is primary therapy alpaca and is always a firm favourite on walks. Although, once that head collar comes off he turns into a cheeky character who enjoys to play with his field-mates. Prince always wears purple and we're convinced he knows when he's got the wrong head collar on! What he lacks in size he certainly makes up for in love.


    The big gentle giant, and the one everyone always remembers. He is one of our gorgeous stud males and has a number of 1st place rosettes under his belt. His first cria (baby alpacas) are due in summer 2020, so he is certainly going to have to lovely summer updates for his adopter! 



    Little JP is a gentle cria born in 2019. Despite being huge when he was born, and still towering over his siblings, he is a real gentleman already. We hope that JP will go on to be a therapy alpaca, but at the very least he will be joining our trekking team. JP will be starting his halter training in January, but I don't think it'll be too difficult with that character!



    Cheeky Reese is bursting with personality. He was the first cria to be born in 2019 and simply can't contain his enthusiasm for life. Often treating his paddock-mates like climbing frames he is generally causing chaos. Whilst we don't think Reese would be suited to animal therapy, he will certainly be joining our therapy and experience team. We have a feeling he is going to be everyones favourite, particularly with his endeering wonky nose!