Tai ch at Natterjack Alpacas

Our amazing 1 hour 15 minute long Tai chi settings are run by Mike Woodward of White Tiger TaijiSchool. Mike himself can vouch for the exceptional benefits of tai chi, which has been proven to improve your health and wellbeing "the gentle way".

Such areas Mike thinks you may see a difference in are:

  • Improves balances and coordination

  • Calming - reduces stress and anxiety

  • Relaxing - lowers blood pressure

  • Improves joint mobility and arthritis, and reduces falls

  • Strengthens bones, and helps you (and Mike) cope with chronic pain

There is no upper age limit, and Mike welcomes beginners to his classes.

Whilst these classes are 'one off' and not done on a course basis, you are welcome to book onto as many classes as you like.

All bookings are done via our online booking system. Simply click the link below to book!